Cult Books That Need to Be Adapted for the Big Screen

It’s been a big few weeks for cult novels getting their own film adaptations. A New Yorker profile of Guillermo del Toro earlier this month provided a window into the preparations for the director’s version of the H.P. Lovecraft novella At the Mountains of Madness. Over the weekend, we got out first glimpse at the unintentionally hilarious-looking, Tea Party-approved Atlas Shrugged movie. And yesterday, the news broke that Michel Gondry is taking on Ubik, one of Philip K. Dick’s weirdest books. All of that got us thinking about some of our favorite cult novels that are dying for big-screen adaptations. Check them out, and add your own, after the jump.

The Black Book: An Agon by Lawrence Durrell (1938)

The British Lawrence Durrell is best known for his series The Alexandra Quartet, but we’re partial to this earlier, fever dream of a novel. Lyrical, surreal, and explicitly sexual, The Black Book would be best off in the hands of a weirdo auteur who knows a thing or two about portraying decadence on the big screen. Paging Peter Greenaway!