Daily Dose Pick: Mesrine, Killer Instinct

The first of two parts, Mesrine: Killer Instinct is an action-filled biopic starring Vincent Cassel as Jacques Mesrine, the French gangster known for his devilish charm, audacious bank robberies, daring prison escapes, and penchant for publicity.

Based on his autobiography L’instinct de Mort, Killer Instinct tracks Mesrine from his days fighting in the Algerian War and his introduction to the criminal underworld to being named Public Enemy No. 1 in Canada. With the help of Cassel’s brooding performance, filmmaker Jean-Francois Richet delivers a dark thrill ride that hearkens back to the best of Don Siegel’s Dirty Harry days.

Visit the film’s official website, watch Vincent Cassel’s interview with Time Out, read what Director Jean-Francois Richet had to say about the project, see the actual news footage of Mesrine’s death, buy the DVD, and pre-order the second part, Mesrine: Public Enemy #1.

Click through below for a gallery of images and videos from the film.