Daily Dose Pick: Heather Woodbury

Writer Heather Woodbury takes on the day’s most pressing issues, from the environmental crisis to Christian fundamentalism and crazy TV lust, in As the Globe Warms, her serialized video “performance novel” and avant-soap digest.

As with previous works What Ever and A Tale of 2Cities, ATGW is written live on stage in real time, with plenty of audience advice and online chronicling. The new, expanded production picks up with Episode 25, but the vaguely circus-like energy and freshly baked character-driven nature of her narrative collages make it easy to dive right in.

Learn more about Woodbury’s projects at her website, peruse the complete video archive of As the Globe Warms, follow the serial’s progress on Facebook, and see it live at LA’s Bootleg Theater through April 5.

Click through below for a gallery of images and videos of Woodbury’s work.

Heather Woodbury. Photo: Phil Norwich