Watch Insane 1975 David Bowie Documentary ‘Cracked Actor’

Most documentaries about musicians are artist-endorsed puff pieces — like, for example, that Justin Bieber thing the kids seem to like. But there are some more interesting oddballs out there: banned Rolling Stones doc Cocksucker Blues shows Mick snorting a line of cocaine, among other bad behavior, and many have noted that just about everyone comes out looking like a prick in Penelope Spheeris’s The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years.

Part of that canon of music docs that incriminate or embarrass their subject is Cracked Actor, a 53-minute BBC production from 1975. It follows David Bowie at the height of his coke addiction and contains some frightening moments of truly paranoid rambling — but as, Dangerous Minds points out, the performance footage from his legendarily elaborate Diamond Dogs tour still shows a rocker at the top of his game.┬áThe film is currently unavailable on DVD, but it has surfaced on Vimeo. Watch it in full (while it’s still up) after the jump.

[via The Daily Swarm]