A Field Guide to TV’s Loser Husbands and Boyfriends

Social science newsflash: pathetic guys often date women who are too good for them. Of course, the conclusions of this recent Slate piece will come as no surprise to those of us who watch TV. From Homer Simpson to Andy Dwyer to George Costanza, television shows abound with dudes who don’t deserve their ladies. A field guide to those gentleman, by type, is after the jump.

The artiste

Andy, from Parks and Recreation, may be lazy, unemployed, and prone to perilous, drunken falls — but hey, he has hopes and dreams! He’s in a band. He’s not a loser; he’s an artist. So it makes perfect sense that his beautiful, sweet, overworked-nurse girlfriend, Ann, should cater to his every whim while he lazes around on the couch, delaying his recovery at every opportunity. This type of deadbeat significant other predates the TV medium by a few thousand years, and there’s one sure sign you’ve got an “artiste” on your hands: if he spends more time talking about his work than actually doing it, it’s time to head for the hills.