Our 10 Favorite Female Graffiti Writers

Yesterday we reported on Theodora Richards’ brush with the law, an incident in which she was apprehended for writing graffiti. Historically the medium has been male dominated, so in appreciation of Richards’ efforts, we compiled a list of her predecessors — our ten favorite female graffiti artists from around the world. Though it’s doubtful tagging “TNA” (which she was arrested for) will ever earn her a spot on this list, it’s nice to know she’s trying, even if those attempts end with a court date. Check out our ten favorite female graffiti writers after the jump.

Nina Pandolfo

Born in São Paolo in 1977, Nina Pandolfo creates wide-eyed dolls that reside in a fantasy world of colorful and dreamlike images. She is one of the most well known artists in Brazil today, and exhibits in galleries around the world.