10 Movie Scenes and the Foods They Ruined Forever

We love us some Anthony Bourdain, but we’ve gotta say this: the list of his five favorite foodie films that he offered up to Entertainment Weekly is about as spontaneous as a Domino’s Pizza delivery capping off a long night of weed smoking. Yes, Big Night, of course. And Eat Drink Man Woman, yawn. In Bourdain’s defense, we couldn’t think up that many other ones — maybe there just aren’t that many rhapsodically hunger-inducing movies. More often than not, movies use food for a more insidious reason: to gross us out. So we’ve compiled something of a reverse to the Bourdain list — ten movies that put us off of the foodstuffs in question. Take a look (hopefully on an empty stomach) after the jump.

Eggs, Cool Hand Luke

Granted, hard-boiled eggs are something of an acquired taste to begin with — we tend to prefer ours deviled or scrambled. But you’ll never want another hard-boiled egg to cross your lips after the famous sequence in Cool Hand Luke that finds Paul Newman’s title character downing 50 eggs in one hour, to the delight and disgust of his fellow prisoners, who engage in some spirited wagering over whether he can achieve the ridiculous goal — with, of course, “no throwin’ up.” (Honorable mention to the raw-egg breakfast in Rocky.)