10 Real-Life Literary Power Couples

Artists love other artists. Perhaps there is an electric connection between two people whose minds are always whirring, or literary snobs can’t bear to date laymen, or perhaps for some writers, the only way they know their partner will understand them is if that person is also a writer. No matter what it is, there’s something powerful about a couple on the same team in the same industry. Plus, everybody loves a celebrity couple, and we particularly love literary celebrity couples. We like to imagine their arguments as poetic and their children as geniuses, and their lives spent sitting around in oaken rooms drinking brandy and scribbling between loving looks. Well, maybe that’s not realistic. But to each their own celebrity fantasy, right? Click through for our list of ten of our favorite real-life literary power couples — and let us know which ones we’ve missed in the comments!

Nicole Krauss & Jonathan Safran Foer

Brooklyn’s cutest literary couple got married in 2004 (that is, post-Everything Is Illuminated and Man Walks Into a Room and pre-Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close and The History of Love, not to mention their most recent books) and have two children together. They’re young! They’re Jewish! They’re vegetarians! They’re both great writers and total nerds! So Brooklyn, right now, world. Also apparently they also have a strange metal tree in the front yard of their Park Slope brownstone, with signing hands instead of leaves. Well, what can you do.