Photo Gallery: Celebrities as Disney Characters

What if Olivia Wilde played the Evil Queen in Snow White? Can you picture Queen Latifah as Ursula? J.Lo as Princess Jasmine? In 2007, Disney launched an ad campaign for their parks, recreating classic animated scenes and characters with living and breathing Hollywood stars. Another group of celebrity ads came out in 2008, but since then we’ve seen nothing from the project – until now! Needless to say, this tickled the imaginations of all who once dreamed of live-action retellings of all their favorite Disney stories. Not that we desperately want to see Beyoncé play Alice in Wonderland or anything. Click through to see the newest batch of these Disney dream portraits shot by Annie Leibovitz, as well as some of the older models (check out even more here), and here’s hoping that one day these will all turn into amazing movies.

Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror, 2011