12 Crazily Named SXSW Bands That Are Actually Worth Hearing

This weekend, while you’re setting your clocks forward, the music world will be packing for next week’s 25th annual South by Southwest festival in Austin. Along with film and tech offerings, there’s five days and nights of music by about 2,000 bands there, many of which we’d love to see, if only our cloning device were up to speed. As such, you gotta pick and choose among the aural smorgasbord out there.

Big-name acts (The Strokes, Bright Eyes, Wu-Tang Clan, and even Duran Duran) abound, but we’re always fascinated by the bizarrely named bands that show up at the festival: While Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is returning this year, it looks like we won’t be seeing I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, and Gay Witch Abortion seems to have dropped off the schedule, too. Luckily, among the SXSW class of ’11, there’s a whole new class of great bands whose weird monikers shouldn’t scare you away. Check out 12 of the best after the jump.

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson

Henderson, of course, was the mom on the Brady Bunch (she had an affair with the kid who played Greg, but that’s another story). As for the band, this Norwegian indie-pop troupe not only know how to pick out a memorable band name, but they also have some pretty catchy song titles: Wouldn’t it be funny to hear fans shout out for “The League Will Never Let the Albino Kid,” “Let’s Rent Bikes from 1942” and “I Think E.T. Is Involved in My Family” at their shows? Although their music is definitely in the ether, they’re not space cadets — just beautifully dreamy and lyrical in a nice, shoegazey way. Their usual stomping ground is Scandinavia (natch) and Europe, so unless you’re planning to fly out there any time soon, this is a good chance to catch ’em stateside.