Wanted: PaleyFest 2011 Limited-Edition Posters

PaleyFest — an annual event where the casts and creative teams behind the most popular TV shows converge to geek out for the benefit of fans — is currently underway in Los Angeles, and Gallery 1988 has commissioned a handful of artists and illustrators to design limited-edition posters for this year’s honorees, which include Freaks and Geeks, Eastbound & Down, Parks & Recreation, True Blood, Glee, and The Walking Dead. Click through to check them out, and if you like what you see, be sure to pick up your favorite in Gallery 1988’s online shop where they’re currently available for $35 a pop.

Phantom City Creative

Derek Deal

Mike Mitchell


Tom Whalen (Note: This one isn’t available online until March 17th.)

Daniel Danger (Note: This one is currently sold out, but is also available through the Danger’s website.)

[via Slashfilm]

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  1. [...] We are so happy to be back at PaleyFest this year, as the organization asked us once again to create limited edition screenprints for the event. For those who weren’t around last year, every year the Paley Center For Media here in Los Angeles produces almost two weeks of events, where your favorite TV show casts and crews get together to talk about the show and sometimes even premiere new episodes. Last year we commissioned artists to create posters and it was a huge hit. You can see all of last year’s poster by CLICKING HERE. [...]


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