10 Video Game Franchises That Need to Be Revived

Creative industries have never been averse to mining the past for inspiration, but none more so than the world of video games, where the inexorable march of technology generally renders products obsolete in a matter of months. This means that the remake/reboot cycle is even more accelerated than it is in the world of movies, and franchises are thus constantly being revisited or revived — like Mortal Kombat, which comes out in 3D April 19th. Still, there are some notable franchises that have been languishing for age. Here’s our picks for ten of them that really need to be revived for the 2010s.

System Shock

This was a killer game in its time – along with Doom, it followed the trail that Wolfenstein 3D had blazed in the first-person shooter genre, but unlike both those games, it featured true 3D graphics. Unfortunately, it also didn’t sell nearly as many copies as Doom, and the brand was buried after one sequel in 1999. While 2007 hit BioShock carried the System Shock flag into the new millenium, it’d be nice to see the real thing reincarnated one day.