Artists vs. Hipsters: Who’s Winning the Battle of the Bohemians?

Hipsters and artists should be a match made in heaven. Hipsters build their hyper-cultured lifestyle around the art scene, providing the artist with an eager audience that is sometimes large enough to launch an underground nobody into the mainstream spotlight. As symbiotic as that sounds, underlying these superficial benefits is a whole lot of tension, expressed best in the flood of irreverent, hipster-centric art we’ve seen. Now, we’re going to start keeping score. Who gets the last laugh with these pieces: hipsters, artists, culture in general, no one at all? Find out after the jump.

Unhappy Hipsters

This one’s a tough call: At the beginning of 2010, Unhappy Hipsters opened its digital doors to the streamlined aesthetic of hip interior design magazine Dwell, pairing the oftentimes ridiculous images with explanatory quotes encapsulating the dramatized melancholic ennui that is the perennial plight of the hipster. (Above: “Mom needed some crazy to balance her otherwise pale and minimalist home. Using the kids as decorations seemed like the best choice.”) Both are technically under fire, but we give points to the hipsters for calling out the over-the-top photos and being able to laugh at themselves.

Point: Hipsters