A Dummy’s Guide to Thom Yorke’s Many Collaborations

The latest Thom Yorke side project — a joint effort with UK dubstep mystery man Burial and excellent producer Four Tet — is out this week, adding another entry to an extensive and eclectic list of collaborations. Indeed, it’s gotten harder and harder over the years to keep track of all the projects to which the Radiohead singer has contributed — so if you want to investigate his extra-curricular activities further, here’s a round-up, organized (roughly) from the best to the worst.

Drugstore feat Thom Yorke — “El President” (1998)

Often overlooked in favor of Yorke’s more well-known works, this collaboration with Brazilian band Drugstore is an absolute gem. The song deals with the 1973 coup in Chile that ousted democratically elected Salvador Allende and replaced him with murderous CIA-backed thug (and best mate of Margaret Thatcher) Augusto Pinochet. Unfashionable subject matter, perhaps, but the duet is a triumph, Yorke’s mournful falsetto conveying all the helplessness and despair the events of 1973 must have evoked.