Required Reading: The Best Books for a Hangover

A few years ago, Inigo Thomas wrote in Slate: “If remorse is one part of the hangover, so is resolve — the refusal to give into the worst of it.” Shake off the excesses of St. Patrick’s Day by reading some selections from our list of hangover-themed books. From cookbooks to calamitous fiction, there’s an assortment of titles for the morning after a long night out. We’ve even arranged them in categories for your viewing pleasure.


The Great Hangover: 21 Tales of the New Recession from the Pages of Vanity Fair by Graydon Carter

This is a compilation of 21 stories by 15 different Vanity Fair authors on the economic crisis, ranging from Iceland’s bankruptcy woes to the man everyone loves to hate, Bernie Madoff. It’s business writing at its best, from the boys at 4 Times Square.

The Prohibition Hangover: Alcohol in America from Demon Rum to Cult Cabernet by Garrett Peck

Peck tackles the modern history of alcohol use in the US, from end of Prohibition to today. He notes our vices and tallies the trends to come up with a sober view of our predilection for the Devil’s brew, an industry that makes roughly $190 billion a year.

Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch by Julie MacIntosh

In 2008, a Brazlian-owned Belgian company took over Anheuser-Busch, a company which began in St. Louis in the 1850s. MacIntosh details the internecine strife involved with one of America’s wealthiest families, resulting in a showdown between August Busch III and his son, August Busch IV. In an interview, MacIntosh says, “Some family members made hundreds of millions of dollars on this deal. They’re so rich now that it’s almost incomprehensible.” Did you just throw up again? I’m sorry.