Photo Gallery: Digital Age Logos in Unlikely Locations

Italian photographer Filippo Minelli’s ongoing series Contradictions, which we spotted over on Morpheus Media’s Tumblr, places the spray-painted names of modern obsessions like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Apple in underdeveloped locations across the globe. As he explained to Wooster Collective back in 2008, “Technologies and the marketing behind them usually push the almost religious aspect of their evolution… and the users are pushed to live in an intense way the abstraction from reality, living technologies only as an idea and sometimes without even knowing their real functions… what I want to do by writing the names of anything connected with the 2.0 life we are living in the slums of the Third World is to point out the gap between the reality we still live in and the ephemeral world of technologies.” Click through to check out a gallery of Minelli’s work.

Brescia, Italy 2010