Affordable Art from Some of the World’s Most Famous Artists

Ever dreamed of owning your very own Richard Prince? Or your own work of irreverent detritus by a Young British Artist? Dream on. They are for the most part priced astronomically out of reach for most people. On the other hand, if you take your dream down a notch, you can. The YBAs, as well as some other famed artists, have engaged at one time or another in creating unique artist’s editions and regular consumer items within a reasonably-priced range that you can hang on your wall, if you want, or just use and abuse to your heart’s content. Whether created individually or in collaboration with other artists and designers, here is a sampling of some of our favorite artist editions and objects by artists we love, and/or love to hate.

1. Richard Prince

Richard Prince, Overseas Nurse. 2002. © Richard Prince. Photo courtesy of Artnet

This work holds the current record for the highest price paid at auction for a painting by Richard Prince. It sold for £4,241,250 ($8,467,258) at Sotheby’s London in July 2008 before the market tanked. But in May 2010, Prince’s Nurse in Hollywood No. 4 sold at a Phillips de Pury auction for $6.5 million. So, we’re not worried about Prince’s staying power.

Richard Prince. $100. “Skull Bunny” paper bags. © Richard Prince.

These heavy paper bags — printed with Richard Prince’s dark take on the Playboy bunny, aka “skull bunny” — were created for Learn to Read Art: An Exhibition of Artists’ Books and Multiples from the Permanent Collection of Art Metropole, an exhibition that was organized in 1991 by Printed Matter and Art Metropole and presented at Art Basel. On the back of each bag, which are about half the length of a skateboard, it says “Printed Matter + Art Metropole” and “Image: Richard Prince.” While these were originally printed for the exhibition, about one week ago, a set of these out-of-print bags turned up and was delivered (by whom, we can’t say, because its provenance could not be disclosed to us) to Printed Matter in New York. This is some good dire loot that would darken up any wall for way less than Overseas Nurse. And buying one of these, you’ll be supporting one of our favorite art organizations, Printed Matter.