Awesome Infographic: The Avengers Family Tree

Sometimes, your standard family tree just doesn’t cut it. Sure, there are marriages, siblings, offspring — but what about clones? And nemeses? Joe Stone’s got it covered in this infographic that maps the relationships in The Avengers universe. No, there are no names. In fact, the only caption we get is “Gross Old People Sex.” And if you don’t get it, Stone (who has already created similar X-Men and Fantastic Four charts) has some advice: “Read more comics.” [via SlashFilm]

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  1. [...] It’s hard to keep all those superheroes straight, am I right? Hulk and She-Hulk and Captain America… and who all is going to be in the next movie where Robert Downey Jr. gets to be awesome as Tony Stark/Iron Man again? Check out this handy Avengers Family Tree via Flavor Wire: [...]


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