MetroCards Reborn as Art

There are two thousand lucky New York City MetroCards upcycled as zoetropes, impressionist cityscapes, shunga-stylized erotica panels and nail-polished pug portraits at the Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again exhibit, and we stopped by the Sloan Fine Art gallery opening last week to see them. Some are festive. Some are sexy. Some are a freaky combination of both, unfolding like a comic strip as a Jeff Koonsian balloon animal gets amorous with a Dalmatian furry.

Keeping the art as democratic as transport for this year’s Single Fare exhibit, gallery director Alix Sloan insisted on artists’ anonymity. Swipe up any piece for a flat $100, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Transportation Alternatives and Alliance for the Arts’ NYC ARTS.

Photo by Flavorpill, courtesy of Sloan Fine Art