7 Traumatic TV Deaths We Couldn’t Help But Enjoy

We weren’t sure what to expect on Sunday’s Big Love finale. With only 70 minutes to tie up one of TV’s most tangled plot webs, the show was going to need a Joseph Smith-worthy miracle to finish up without seeming incomplete. And, thankfully, one of our favorite series actually pulled it off — but not without pulling the trigger on a few of its central characters. Now, it goes without saying that we should be happy to see TV’s villains die. But it struck us, watching this demise, that sometimes we enjoy seeing characters we were probably supposed to be rooting for meet their maker. After the jump, we round up seven TV deaths we shouldn’t have enjoyed but secretly loved. Spoilers abound throughout the post, but don’t scroll past page one if you don’t want to know which Big Love characters return to Heavenly Father.

Shannon Rutherford, Lost

From Jin and Sun to Sayid, Lost had no shortage of heartbreaking deaths. But Shannon? The whiny one in the skimpy skirts who spent most of her time sexually manipulating her beautiful puppy dog of a stepbrother? The girl whose romance with Sayid was never ever slightly believable? (Let’s not even talk about their reunion in heaven, when it’s clear the true love of his life is Nadia.) Yeah, we were pretty psyched not to ever have to hear her whine again.