A Brief History of Pop Culture’s Stoned Female Characters

There are relatively few female stoner characters in pop culture — a fact that seems surprisingly given a recent study that shows that while teen boys are more likely to smoke pot than their female counterparts, the girls are more likely to become addicted. And while there is currently a stoner road trip comedy in development with Natalie Portman entitled Best Buds,who knows when the mom-to-be will actually find time to star in and produce it. So in the meantime, we’ve come up with a list of women from film and TV to help you get your heavy-lidded lady fix.

Annie Hall in Annie Hall

The androgynous bohemian Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) isn’t really a stoner in the classic sense of the word; she just needs to smoke a little grass to “relax” before she gets it on with Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) — or anyone, really — in order to enjoy herself. As she tells him, “You’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for 15 years. You should smoke some of this. You’d be off the couch in no time.”