‘Taxi Driver’ Set Photography: Real Reds and the Two Jodies

Jodie Foster’s body double, Robert DeNiro’s “mohawk” skin cap continuity, and the true reds of the rampaging finale that had to be desaturated for the censors — photographer Steve Schapiro captured all those precious bits of Taxi Driver that Scorsese buffs hold dear to their hearts. For those that won’t be wrapping their arms around TASCHEN’s pricey 328-page tome Steve Schapiro, Taxi Driver anytime soon, enjoy this preview of killer on-set photos, with a side sprinkling of trivia courtesy of the Making of Taxi Driver documentary from the DVD, Scorsese on Scorsese, and the web grapevine. Let’s geek out!

Photo credit: Steve Schapiro

Screenwriter Paul Schrader found “the real Iris” and took her out to breakfast with director Martin Scorsese. The girl played a role in framing Jodie Foster’s character and… played a role in the film as her friend. Now that’s street scouting.