Music’s Most Memorable Drug-Fueled Shenanigans

If you’re like us, you’re sick to death of hearing about Charlie Sheen and his appetite for seven-gram rocks. And anyway, while Hollywood has had its fair share of drug-fueled idiocy over the years — remember Gary Busey snorting cocaine off his dog? – the world of music is still the home of the world’s greatest narcotic-powered nutjobs (as Sammy Hagar’s recent insistence that he’d been abducted by aliens reminded us). Rock ‘n’ roll and drugs have long been associated with one another, and some of the tawdriest moments of the last few decades have come when the two have combined to disastrous effect. Here, then, is a catalog of 10 of the most memorable moments of drug-related lunacy in rock. Some are hilarious, some are tragic, and none should be tried at home.

Ozzy Osbourne bites the bat (1981)

He claims it was all an accident, but for better or worse, Ozzy Osbourne’s career will always be defined by the moment in 1980 when, at the height of his rampaging drug and alcohol abuse, he bit the head off a bat. The bat was thrown onstage by a fan; stunned by the impact and the lights, it lay motionless on the stage. Apparently believing it to be a toy, Osbourne picked it up and put it in his mouth. It was at this point that the unfortunate creature started fluttering frantically, and the startled singer bit down instinctively. The rest is history.