Check Out ASME’s National Magazine Awards Finalists

While it doesn’t exactly make for light lunchtime reading, the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) has published a list of this year’s National Magazine Awards finalists, and we were happy to see that it includes some of our favorite writers, including Wells Tower, Christopher Hitchens, and Jerry Saltz. The New Yorker received the most nominations (nine!), followed by New York, The New York Times Magazine, and Virginia Quarterly Review, which all received six nods a piece. The winners will be announced at a dinner on May 9th, where the perennially dapper Tom Wolfe will be presented with the Creative Excellence Award for being “one of the most influential magazine journalists of our time.” Click through to peruse a list of the nominees in the public interest, reporting, feature writing, profile writing, and essays and criticism categories, including links to the articles and essays that are available online.

Honors magazine journalism that illuminates issues of local or national importance

The Atlantic
God Help You, You’re on Dialysis” by Robin Fields

Marie Claire
“Still Waiting After All These Years … ,” by Ralph Blumenthal

The New Yorker
Letting Go” by Atul Gawande

What’s the Catch?” by Bruce Barcott; photographs by Corey Arnold

Texas Monthly
A two-part series by Pamela Colloff: “Innocence Lost” and “Innocence Found

Honors reporting excellence as exemplified by one article or a series of articles

Harper’s Magazine
The Guantanamo ‘Suicides’” by Scott Horton

The New York Times Magazine
The Desert War” by Robert F. Worth

The New Yorker
Covert Operations” by Jane Mayer

Rolling Stone
The Runaway General” by Michael Hastings

Virginia Quarterly Review
Digging Out” essay and photographs by Elliott D. Woods

Honors original, stylish storytelling

The Atlantic
The Wrong Man” by David Freed

The Suicide Catcher” by Michael Paterniti

Los Angeles
The End” by Ben Ehrenreich

Mother Jones
For Us Surrender Is Out of the Question” by Mac McClelland

The New Yorker
The Mark of a Masterpiece” by David Grann

Honors news or feature stories focused on individuals or groups of closely linked individuals

The Atlantic
Autism’s First Child” by John Donvan and Caren Zucker

Harper’s Magazine
Own Goal” by Wells Tower

New York
Joan Rivers Always Knew She Was Funny” by Jonathan Van Meter

The New York Times Magazine
The Man the White House Wakes Up To” by Mark Leibovich

The New Yorker
The Unconsoled” by George Packer

Honors long-form journalism that presents the opinions of the writer on topics ranging from the personal to the political

The American Scholar
Solitude and Leadership” by William Deresiewicz

The Antioch Review
“The Physics of Speed” by William Giraldi

The New Yorker
The Fun Stuff” by James Wood

The Paris Review
“Mister Lytle: An Essay” by John Jeremiah Sullivan

Virginia Quarterly Review
Lust, Devotion, and the Binary Code” by Kamin Mohammadi

Honors short-form journalism that presents the views of the writer or publication

Three “A Thousand Words About Our Culture” columns by Stephen Marche: “What’s Your Favorite War?”; “Why Is Clint Eastwood Still the Man?”; “Why Can’t Kanye West Shut the Hell Up?

New York
Three reviews by Jerry Saltz: “Less Than the Sum of Its Parts”; “A Grand Tour”; “Judge Jerry

The New Yorker
Three “Talk of the Town” columns by Hendrik Hertzberg: “And The Oscar Goes To”; “Puppetry”; “Iran and the Bomb

Vanity Fair
Three columns by Christopher Hitchens: “Topic of Cancer“; “Unanswerable Prayers”; “Miss Manners and the Big C

Vanity Fair
Three columns by James Wolcott: “The Norman Conquests”; “Barbarians at the Shore”; “The Sound of Sanity

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