For Your Pleasure 2: Readers’ Best Book and Album Pairings

Last week, we set out to write a fun post pairing books with the ideal albums to listen to while reading them. Little did we know we were creating our new favorite parlor game — the topic, we’ve found, can lead to hours of conversation (at least, if you love books and music as much as we do). And it turns out we’re not the only ones fascinated with the subject. Asked to submit their own pairings in the comments section of the original post, Flavorwire readers came through in a big way. We collect their great suggestions after the jump, from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Explosions in the Sky’s The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place to Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and Pulp’s Different Class.

Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Explosions in the Sky’s The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
– Suggested by Ina

George Orwell’s 1984 and Radiohead’s The Bends
– Suggested by rzy, who writes: “I happened to discover that reading Orwell’s 1984 with Radiohead’s The Bends was especially poignant to the point that it was creepy. The exchange between Winston and Julia as “Black Star” played was mindblowing.

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five and Sun Ra’s Beyond the Purple Star Zone
– Suggested by burgy, who writes: “Dark humor about a bizarre space time-traveler, meet quirky composer who thinks he’s a space time-traveler.”

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated with Passion Pit’s Manners
– Suggested by impromptu

Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections and Freedom) and Paul Westerberg
– Suggested by Cameron D