Famous Works of Art Censored for Sensitive Types

Earlier this week, National Gallery visitor Susan Burns was so enraged by the “evil” and “very homosexual” painting of Paul Gauguin’s partially-nude Two Tahitian Women, that she attacked it with fists and curses, until she was tackled by a social worker from the Bronx. She has now joined the ranks of the famous holy avenger Kathy Folden, whose crowbar-wielding antics at Colorado’s Loveland Museum destroyed Enrique Chagoya’s The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals for its XXX-ish transgendered Jesus. Which reminds us: There are some seriously sexy paintings in art history that must be cleaned up. Obviously, we can’t get them all, but click through our gallery of a few works we’ve put through some much needed censoring, before the next art attack.

Thou shall not show your wiener to God, Adam. Even if Michelangelo’s God is emerging out of an embracing pile of amorous angels, he is not in the mood. And cut the gay stuff!