10 New Music-Related Films You Need to See

You’ve probably seen the trailer for the new Beastie Boys short film all over the web for the last couple of days. The film features music from the band’s new album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, a roll-call of celebrity cameos, and the, um, intriguing prospect of seeing Seth Rogen play Mike D. It’s one of a slew of most excellent-looking music-related movies that 2011 has to offer. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best films that are out now or have yet to drop.

Fight for Your Right Revisited

You wake up late for school, man! You don’t want to go! Or, more likely, you wake up late for work, and the kids need to be taken to school, and… While the days of fighting for your right to party are long gone, The Beastie Boys remain one of music’s most constantly interesting acts. This 30-minute film is being released in May, in conjunction with their new album, which is their first proper full-length (not counting 2007 instrumental album The Mix-Up) for seven years.