10 Great Musicians Photographed With Their Dogs

When one of our favorite book blogs, the Millions, tipped us off to this great photo gallery of writers with their dogs, we thought about all the famous furry companions in other disciplines and realized how many of our favorite musicians have secret odes to their dogs. Okay, okay, so the whole story about “Mandy” being Barry Manilow’s dog is an urban legend, but we’re of the opinion that every hardworking musician needs a furry bellwarmer for the cold nights.  Plus, we all know that the internet is mostly for looking at cute pictures of animals, so how could we resist? Click through to see ten musicians with their best furry friends.

Paul McCartney and Martha

McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog Martha inspired the name of the song “Martha, My Dear” – though the track itself was supposedly about McCartney’s onetime fiancée Jane Asher.