Tiny, Sad Street Art Sculptures: ‘Cement Eclipses’

Small concrete figures staring mournfully into potholes and rubbish-filled rivers, perching on security cameras and committing mass suicide in oily puddles — the creations of Brussels-based street artist Isaac Cordal delight and depress their accidental observers. Cordal sculpted his gents from clay, made silicone molds, poured in the cement and permanently affixed his emotional Lilliputians with high strength epoxy glue to the Berlin Wall, the streets of London, and the rocky shores of France.

His businessmen are best: They beg, march, and personify BP-disaster shame by wallowing in sidewalk tar or “floating” on life preservers. Part dark humor, part social commentary, Cordal’s urban interventions are now out in a hot-item hardcover book form: Cement Eclipses. See some of the world’s smallest, saddest suits in our gallery.

Courtesy Isaac Cordal