The Best Cities for Young Artists

Where have all the young artists gone? Well, they’ve been priced out of Melbourne, New York, Barcelona, and all of those other city enclaves that promised low-rent and lots of encouragement. But new art communities are popping up every day on unexpected parts of the globe. Creative hubs, city funded projects, and lots of public works are just some of the perks these locations offer to young artists who seek refuge. Click through for our eight favorite cities for young artists, and leave a comment if we forgot your favorite.


It might be part of the People’s Republic of China, but you’re basically in a whole other world when you step off the ferry from Hong Kong. Casino is king here, and visitors think nothing of blanketing an entire hotel room in stingray, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a strong art community brewing under the surface of mother-of-pearl inlaid tiles and solid gold furnishings. Tiny, but growing, San Lazaro is a hilltop community bursting with creativity: from the once-military-now-hip boutique hotel to Creative Macau, a project that aims to foster new talent from film to graphic design to visual art. And Lines Lab, who believes in people as much as the art they make, is attracting new creators to the city every day with their Design and Fashion lab.