Lake Photographs Soaked in Lake Water

For the series Lakes and Reservoirs (spotted on Today and Tomorrow), photographer Matthew Brandt made C-prints of small bodies of water and soaked them in said water, stripping, distressing, smearing and creating leaky, bright color splotches. Now that’s context! Each C-print reacts a little differently. Hollywood Lake is covered in fiery-white specks, while Skinner Reservoir half-dissolved in a swirl.

Brandt’s newest series is a continuation of conceptual photography that works with his subject’s chemistry, literally. One of his series uses the participant’s bodily fluids to produce their own portraits. Another uses dust collected from the Los Angeles Superior Court as pigment of the building’s photographic prints. Brandt has printed with coffee grinds, condiments and even… wait for it… used condoms, but this watered series, is perhaps his “cleanest” and definitely his most colorful. Tour the lakes and lagoons in our gallery.

Lake Casitas, CA. Courtesy Matthew Brandt