Gallery: Your Favorite Authors as Dogs and Cats

Today in things that are absurdly relevant to our interests: Illustrator Chet Phillips uses the program Painter to create animal portraits that range from Sinister Simians to Wrestle Pets. But, predictably enough, we have fallen in love with Phillips’s Literary Pets series, which transforms dozens of famous authors, from the Middle Ages through the present, into cats and dogs. Meet Oscar Wildecat, Dorothy Purrker, Joyce Feral Oates, and their four-legged friends after the jump, then click over to Etsy to buy an affordable print and see even more images from the series. For the indecisive among us, there are even two decks of Literary Pets trading cards.

Chet Phillips, Jane Pawsten, 4.5” x 6.5”, $18 at Etsy

(h/t Kate Harding)