A Recent History of Morbid Celebrity Photographs

Celebrities must get tired of photo shoots really fast. They’ve always got to sit on some swing and pretend to laugh, scowl while an industrial fan blows in their face, or lounge on a fancy Victorian sofa and feign disinterest. And it’s not just the furniture and facial expressions that are boring; eventually, these photos also aid in making their public image go stale. It’s no surprise, then, that so many of them have produced some darker images in collaboration with edgier photographers. Despite how inevitable they may be, the content of many of these violent, twisted, and morbid images have us squirming in our seats a little — should we feel fascinated, repulsed, or offended? After the jump, help us decide with some recent and notorious photos that we can’t get out of our brains.

Kirsten Dunst for Autumn De Wilde

No, that’s not the girl who gave us nightmares from The Ring — it’s just Kirsten Dunst channeling her inner Lux Lisbon for Autumn De Wilde. De Wilde’s got a reputation in celebrity circles for making celebrities feel less like they’re posing, and more like she’s visualizing them in a broader body of work. This isn’t exactly the Dunst from Bring It On, but we’re digging her haunting zombie-beauty here and the romantic-deadly Virgin Suicides visual hat-tip.