A Cross-Genre 4/20 Mixtape for the Ages

Yes, it’s 4/20, which means that stoners the world over are rejoicing over having a vaguely legitimate reason to get colossally baked this afternoon. There are plenty of songs out there about weed (we’re looking at you, Snoop), but they don’t necessarily make the best soundtrack for celebrating the herb -– so we’ve thoughtfully composed a psychedelic stoner mixtape that moves through a range of genres in the hope of providing a fine old soundtrack to some extracurricular pursuits this afternoon. (We’ve tried to go for selections that aren’t blindingly obvious –- with one exception -– so no Bob Marley, or Grateful Dead.)

Flaming Lips – “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate” (5:17)

Hopefully you won’t be smoking yourself into full-blown, psychedelic-style ego death, but assuming you don’t, this stately and gorgeous meditation on the nature of life and death is the perfect soundtrack to begin a long session of couch-bound navel-gazing.