The Best Books for the Armchair Traveler

Skiing in the Alps, laying back in roomy, first-class seats, shopping in Milan — it’s the life, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not the life that most of us get to live. However, if you aren’t able to throw down a couple hundred bucks for a last-minute plane ticket around the world, you can still travel from the comfort of your home by living vicariously through the new wave of travel books growing in popularity. Fish-out-of-water essays, transporting novels, and bright pictorials are one way of leaving home without changing out of your pajamas. So, go ahead, dive into these life-changing travel books and pretend you didn’t just spend the week in an office.

The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

“A journey through every country in the world” is the theme of this epic coffee table book and, indeed, it is. Get your red pen and Post-it notes prepared to spend hours flipping through photos and facts about every single country and region on the globe, from Barundi to Saint Lucia. It’s light-hearted and gorgeous, showing off the best of every nation. If you don’t salivate over this enormous wishlist, you might not have wanderlust after all.