From Amélie to Tony Stark: The 15 Best Bedrooms on Film

People in movies have all the luck. They always tend to sleep in perfect, gorgeous bedrooms that expertly match their character. Not to mention, their rooms are perpetually in a state of perfect tidiness (or perfect disarray, as the case may be) and only include important artifacts – much unlike our own, which are filled with those pesky and non-picturesque accessories necessary to life, like checkbooks and gym clothes. On a lazy, pre-Easter Saturday like this one, we thought we’d tantalize all of those reading from their own personal bedchambers with our list of our 15 favorite movie bedrooms, from the glamorous to the bookish to the bizarre. You just might get inspired to redecorate. Or to rent Clueless. Either way.

Amélie’s bedroom in Amélie

Amélie’s bedroom is the ultimate in quirky French-girl esotericism. But a girl who loves Michael Sowa is a girl after our own hearts.