Gallery: Ralph Steadman’s Dogs

British artist Ralph Steadman’s iconic and extensive collaborative works with Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson kindled armies of fanboys/girls across the globe and across decades. If there are any dog lovers among them, they’ll want to peek at Steadman’s newest Book of Dogs, featuring lovable, slobbering, rough-housing canines rendered in the artist’s signature style, that is, expressively unlatching their jaws amidst wildly spewed inkblots and such.

Steadman’s illustration compliment ranting pet ownership tips on feeding, fetching, and emergency resuscitation and offer some satirically anthropomorphic perspectives on religion and politics. Preview a few pups in our gallery, and, as a bonus, enjoy Ralph Steadman’s latest Gonzo-fied beer bottle label art with the Flying Dog Brewery, dubbed Raging Bitch and banned by the Michigan Liquor Commission.

Courtesy Ralph Steadman via the Independent