PJ Harvey Collaborator Seamus Murphy’s Visceral Photography

We’re on a bit of a PJ Harvey kick at Flavorpill at the moment, and recently we’ve been investigating the work of one of her more fascinating collaborators – Irish photographer/filmmaker/polymath Seamus Murphy. Murphy has made a video for each song on Harvey’s new album Let England Shake, but is best known as a photographer – Harvey apparently discovered his work while researching the war in Afghanistan in the course of writing the record. You can certainly see why it affected her so deeply – Murphy’s work is visceral and hugely powerful, focusing largely on human conflict and privation, both military and psychological. His website collects photos from a huge number of battlefields and conflict zones all over the world, from the drug wars of Mexico and the ruins of Mogadishu to the ostensibly civilized surrounds of the Ascot racecourse in England, often working as photo essays that relate a story over the course of multiple images. See some of our favorites after the jump.

From Mogadishu