Indie Booksellers' Favorite Books of 2010

Thirteen finalists have been chosen and only one book will win this year’s Indie Booksellers’ Choice Awards. Aren’t you excited? The winner — as chosen by employees of independent bookstores across America — will be announced on May 23rd at Housing Works Bookstore in New York, and additional details are here. There’s a great amount of debut novels in this bunch, plus some work from writers who have been toiling in relative obscurity. We think The Orange Eats Creeps is one of the best titles we’ve heard in awhile, but we also love Barbara Comyn’s twisted posthumous publication, so we’re torn. Who do you think should win, dear readers?

The Black History of the White House by Clarence Lusane (City Lights)

Clarence Lusane is the program director for Comparative and Regional Studies at American University in DC and is the author of nine books, including The Black History of the White House. In his latest contribution, Lusane examines the role of slaves in the early years to the unjust treatment of black Secret Service agents by their peers.