An Alternative Top 10 to Maxim's Hot 100

Yesterday, Maxim released its anxiously awaited (for some) annual Hot 100 list. And, as usual, it’s largely a homogeneous group of skinny, white ladies, many of whom are most famous for posing in their underpants. It’s not that we expected any different; Maxim is always going to Maxim. But, as we did last year, we’d like to use their list of an excuse to introduce you to some genuinely crush-worthy women who are actually making a cultural contribution (no offense, J-WOWW). Our alternative top 10 is after the jump. Add your picks — and, you know, complain about how much hotter Victoria’s Secret models are than the ladies we chose — after the jump.

10. The Indie Film Star

Maxim picked: Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence

Our pick: If you haven’t watched Tiny Furniture yet, we’re not even going to have this conversation. Lawrence may be a great actress, but that film’s writer/director/star Lena Dunham is one of the smartest, funniest, most unique voices out there. She’s currently shooting the debut season of her HBO series Girls, so while she’s not up for any Academy Awards yet, Dunham is definitely going places.