Photo Gallery: 50 of Our Favorite Cultural Icons and Their Moms

It’s T-minus 36 hours to Mother’s Day, and we’ve got you covered: If you haven’t picked the perfect gift for your mom yet, check out our famous mothers-inspired gift guide, as well as a list of books your mom will actually enjoy. (Seriously, the lady deserves better than this.) But if you’re running low on cash or your mother is that self-martyring type who yells when you spend your money on her, then we suggest the two of you plunk yourselves down in front of this post, which is sure to bring a smile to both of your faces. We’ve collected photos of 50 of our favorite cultural icons, from Mick Jagger and David Bowie to Amy Poehler and Christina Hendricks, with their moms. Consider it our Mother’s Day gift to you.

James Franco and his mom, children’s author Betsy

Amy Poehler and her mom, Eileen, in InStyle

Mick Jagger and his mom, Eva

Kurt Cobain and his mom, Wendy (with Courtney Love)

Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol, in a Wegman’s commercial. Baldwin donated all the money he received for his appearance to the breast cancer research fund established in the name of Carol, a survivor.