Photo Gallery: Brice Bischoff's Magical, Prismatic Bronson Caves

The images in the gallery below aren’t stills from a Prince Rama video; they’re photos taken in Los Angeles’ Bronson Caves by Brice Bischoff. And rather than relying on Photoshop, Bischoff achieved his otherworldly effect by using long exposures to capture the motion of colored paper. “If a visitor to the caves were to accidently stumble upon my performance they would only see a mass of crumbled colored paper draped awkwardly over a man moving/dancing to a camera positioned on a tripod,” Bischoff writes on his blog. Eventually, he set the paper on fire. Of course, this explanation still leaves many questions — but we’re happy to have Bischoff’s project remain somewhat mysterious. Click through after the jump for a gallery of his Bronson Caves photos.

© Brice Bischoff. All images via Kopeikin Gallery.