Photo Gallery: Stunning Aerial Photographs from Around the World

Yann Arthus-Bertrand might be the best known aerial photographer in the world. And for good reason; as a lifelong environmentalist, he takes photos that aren’t just about capturing a beautiful image — they seek to uncover the story behind it. That said, most of his work is very, very pretty, regardless of the ugliness of its subject. He’s just that good.

“I have the impression that I’m photographing life, not landscapes,” he told TED back in 2009. “For me an aerial picture is no different than a close-up portrait. It’s a question of framing and angle. Helicopters are great for that. But I’ve also used planes. Of course, I always have a harness.” Click through to see some of our favorite shots, and to learn more about his inspiring work, check out Arthus-Bertrand’s recent movie, Home.

Rano Kau volcano in Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island, Chile. Photo credit: Yann Arthus-Bertrand. All images via