The Year’s Hottest Logo Trends

For the past nine years Bill Gardner, the principal of Gardner Design and creator of, has filed an annual report on major trends in logo design worldwide. So what did he find this year? The definition of what a logo is has become more fluid — both literally and figuratively. Brown is the new black. Items related to wine were prevalent. Commas — or at least something approximating a comma shape — were hot. Also spotted: lots and lots of fruit, trees, and leaves. Click through to view examples of ten of the major trends from his 2011 report.


As demonstrated by 1. Design Ranch, Target 2. Schakalwal Design Studio, Musiq Launch 3. Vectory Belle, Box of Cravings 4. Tad Carpenter, Yummo Yogurt and Smoothies

Gardener says: “These aren’t just the cereal box advertising characters that coaxed a generation to the breakfast table. These logos are simple, often geometric and monoweight in line.”