Viva La Mix! #5: Downloads from Fever Ray, Little Boots, Phoenix, and Super Furry Animals

What’s this? A round of sweet MP3s? That’s right, nothing says spring like a mighty mix tape, so it seems about time we drop a new Viva Radio round-up. You know, because it’s April and still freezing outside. Click through for downloads from our last radio playlist and be sure to check back and listen to the show itself — we update every week.

1. Mi Ami – “Echononecho”
A echo-laden reverie from Black Eyes-bred Band Mi Ami, “Echonoecho” is as much a raga as a punk-rock romp.
[Download MP3] via We All Want Someone
2. Super Furry Animals – “Innagural Trams”
Quirk-poppers Super Fury Animals can always be counted on to turn the toy shop into something terrific. In this new cut, the group drops a psyched-up robot-popper to tease their merry-go-round of a new record.
[Download MP3] via The Yellow Stereo
3. Timber Timbre – “Demon Host”
Freak folk may be over, but it’s weirdness still resonates. True to the song’s name, this brilliant post-folk outfit is definitely, definitely possessed by something.
[Download MP3] via Thanks Captain Obvious
4. Phoenix – “1901 (The Garage Band Teenagers Remix)”
As always, Phoenix produce pristine rock to make the radio warriors revel. What’s more, this remix ups the dance-floor attraction.
[Download MP3] via NNM
5. Diamond Watch Wrists – “Onward Push Me Out”
The new side-project by Prefuse 73 and Hella drummer Zach Hill, Diamond Wrist Watch is awash in ambient textures, strange electronic sounds, and quirky indie instrumentals.
[Download MP3] via Walrus
6. Nite Jewel – “Weak For Me”
’80s denizens Nite Jewel do what they do best, dredging new wave through a psychedelic wringer with another disco-tinged, synth-obsessed dancefloor suite.
[Download MP3] via Music is Art
7. Fever Ray – “Keep The Streets Empty For Me”
Evoking Bjork, the Knife side project Fever Ray digs into strange, ice-ridden terrain, with smooth, eerie beats and thick, airy electronic atmospheres.
[Download MP3] via Armchair Spasm
8. Nadja – “Only Shallow”
Avant-metal mavens Nadja dip into serious shoegaze with a fuzz-ridden cover of Loveless classic “Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine.
[Download MP3] via I Rock Cleveland
9. The Sound of Arrows – “M.A.G.I.C. (Ice Cream Shout Remix)”
These Swedes may be a little saccharine, but you can’t down their understanding of the dancefloor. This EP remix is almost as adorable as it is unshakable.
[Download MP3] via The Lemur Blog
10. Little Boots – “Day N’ Nite (Kid Cudi Cover)”
Little Botts strips Kid Cudi’s body-rocking “DayN’ Night” to a harrowing piano ballad. Unexpected, but beautiful.
[Download MP3] via Pretty Much Amazing
11. Ida Maria – “Oh My God”
While Maria does key into the jangled-up radio rock of recently successful songsters, tunes like “Better When You’re Naked” and “Oh My God” add a visceral, inimitably credible edge.
[Download MP3] via The Yellow Stereo