Film’s Greatest Raunchy Women-in-Comedy Moments

Well, it’s official: the received wisdom that comedies for women don’t make money is complete and utter crap. The glowingly reviewed, Kristen Wiig-penned and -starring Bridesmaids exceeded the studio’s wildest projections, earning $24.6 million (nearly $10 million more than anticipated) and debuting at #2. To celebrate the film — and further disprove the notion that ladies can’t do slapstick, gross-out comedy — we’ve compiled our favorite raunchy women-in-comedy moments. From sexual come-ons to birth to bodily fluids, the top ten are after the jump. Let us know what you’d add in the comments.

Amy Poehler pees in the sink, Baby Mama

Like Bridesmaids, 2008’s Baby Mama was a showcase for the women of SNL. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious together, as an uptight professional and the working-class, South Philly woman she hires to carry her child, respectively. Things quickly get too close for comfort when Angie (Poehler) shows up at Kate’s (Fey) apartment with no place to live. Soon after she moves in, Kate is treated to the scene above, in which Angie can’t figure out how to open a baby-proof toilet seat and relieves herself in the sink instead.