Cooking Vinyl: 10 Inspired Food and Music Pairings

Our daily trawl of the internet has bought at least one excellent piece of news to our attention of late: Steve Albini has a cooking blog — called, no joke, “mariobatalivoice.” It’s been up and running since March, and a read of the archives reveals that Albini knows his Italian food, hosts a regular poker game for his friends, and is, as ever, an angry man: “I cannot abide [bad Italian] restaurants,” he writes at one point. “They debase our palates and insult our ancestors with watery matter piled in mountainous heaps and buried under granulated Kraft Foods ‘Parmesan’. Screw this school lunch bullshit and get it the fuck away from me.” The idea of Steve Albini toiling away over obscure pasta got us thinking about what sort of music would go best with various other types of food. Here’s a round-up of combinations we think would work well… now, get back in the kitchen and put on a big pan of water for the pasta while we play Shellac’s “A Prayer to God” again.

Indian food and Dirty Three

For Christmas, we were given a copy of Pushpesh Pant’s India: The Cookbook, which is without a doubt the most epically awesome Indian cookbook in existence and a shoo-in for Best Present Ever. You could go for the obvious Bollywood soundtrackery to accompany an exploration of its recipes, but we suggest something a little less obvious -– in the same way that a bit of Big Black goes surprisingly well with serious Italian cooking, a bit of atmospheric, violin-led instrumental music makes for a fine accompaniment to slow-cooking your dals and curries. Just make sure you don’t overdo the chili, or you’ll be skipping rapidly to “Everything Is Fucked.”