Photo Gallery: Vintage Ice Cream Trucks To Get You Psyched for Summer

We’re halfway through May, which means summer’s-a-comin’ on the quick, and we can’t wait. Of course, one of the best parts of the warmest months, especially when you’re a kid, is the glorious tinkling music of the ice cream truck coming your way, bringing delicious treats. It’s already a somewhat anachronistic concept, if you think about it – people are indoors, glued to the computers much more than they were in the past – but it’s still a great one, and to get pumped up for summer and the multitude of sweet frozen happiness that it will bring, we’ve collected some inspirational photographs of vintage ice cream trucks – some refurbished, and some in their original state – that will have you waiting on the corner, dollar in hand. Enjoy!

1970’s roadside ice cream truck in Key West [via]