10 Fictional Summer Camps We Wish We Could Go To

[Editor’s note: Your devoted Flavorwire team is taking Memorial Day off, but we’ve left you with some of our favorite summer-related features that you may have missed the first time around. This post originally ran May 21, 2011. Enjoy!]

Now that summer is tantalizingly close, we’re spending an unwholesome amount of time daydreaming about the summers of our childhood, when the possibilities were endless, the days stretched forever, and school was just an uncomfortable blip in the back of our brains. As adults, most of us will watch the bulk of our summer days from our office windows (if we’re lucky enough to have any), so we’ve put together a little wish fulfillment list of the fictional summer camps, complete with some helpful suggestions for how you can approximate each camp experience in the real world.

Camp Ovation, Camp (2003)

This is by far the campiest film about a summer camp we’ve ever seen, which obviously endears it to us. At Camp Ovation, it’s okay to be yourself! Except that apparently, theatre misfits are just as catty and cliquish as the “regular” kids back home, plus they have more creative comebacks. Still, joining a co-ed camp full of gay teenagers, divas, and one “honest-to-god straight boy” singing and doing interpretive dance sounds like a glittery, hilarious summer to us.

How to approximate the experience: Sign up for community theatre. Or if you’re too shy, just watch Glee reruns all summer long and make your friends do the dances with you. Hope you still have friends at the end of the summer.