Video of the Day: The Hipster Orchestra

Even die hard hipsters have got to grow up sometime. And by ‘grow up’ we mean ‘start listening to boring dinner party music.’ But there is a middle ground — hipster orchestra Jingle Punks, who play surprisingly soothing versions of the indie rock anthems you know and love. As Jingle Punks founder Jared Gutstadt told FreeWilliamsburg, “It’s a simple concept… We took songs from the American Hipster songbook (MGMT, Strokes, White Stripes) and re-imagined them as arrangements for a civilized dinner party for the transitioning adult Hipster. Introducing – The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra which is our favorite “hipster approved” songs washed through the Mark Mothersbaugh filter.” Intrigued? Ready to wear a collared shirt over those skinny jeans? Click through to see a few of our favorite videos from the group, and check them out live at the Soho House NYC on June 12.


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